Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lateral Flexion On The Ground

Milva´s leg is still swollen. It actually looks worse today but it was the same thing the last time. The only thing I can do is wait. I tried to put some Blue Lotion a cooling lotion underneath the wound but Milva didn´t like it and Auntie Anita was already gone.
I went with Milva in the ridinghouse for half an hour to work on one rein stop and lateral flexion from the ground. I had the saddle on her and the natural hackamore to get her used to two reins. I also thought it might be a good idea to have the saddle on her without trying to sit on her.
Lateral flexion is not so much of a problem when she is standing still. I almost don´t have to use phase 1 for her to bend. I´m just using my little finger, barely touching her halter and voila she is bending.
It´s important that she knows what a one rein stop is about when I sit on her. So what I´m checking now is her relaxation when doing it and her response. I also develop her understanding and confidence when put in a vulnerable position where she cannot run off.
Flexion is also one of Pat Parelli´s 10 Qualities of a Horseman.
Flexion is necessary for the overall health of the horse when carrying a rider.
Flexion is essential for any explorations into collection.
Flexion is an important understanding in the pursuit of mastery.
The most important aspect of flexion is to understand it as a part of the entire formula that leads to collection.
I´m going to work on that now for the next 7 days and also put some direct rein work from the ground into our session so she going to start to understand the meaning of it.
Proper and Prior Preperation Prevents Poor Pat Parelli is saying so nicely.
Oh I forgot to write about another thing. Mikke - a guy who I commute with to Denmark, and his wife were coming to the stable today to visit me. I think the reason they came was to check out the stable. I sure hope they move to our stable. Very nice people. Mikke has a big swedish warmblood whom he wants some help with. He asked me a couple of times if I wouldn´t like to come and ride him. I don´t know if I want to though. I´m not intressted in the traditional riding anymore and I definitely don´t want to put any horse into submission or use violence to ride it or artificial aids.

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