Sunday, May 30, 2010

Introduction To "Tao Of Equus" written by Linda Kohanov

Einstein knew exactly what he wanted in life. For fifteen years, he had worked diligently to master his craft, and though he wasn´t ready to retire, he desperatly needed a change of pace.
He refused to jump over any more hurdles. He couldn´t stand teaching the basics to a bunch of trendy dilettantes who had no real appreciation for the subtle insights he tried to share. What he craved was a sensitive, well-educated, female companion who at least had the potential to match his talent, someone who was more interested in acquiring knowledge than amassing fame, a patron willing to support him in exchange for private tutorial sessions in his area of exptertise.
The problem was Einstein had four legs and didn´t speak any of the local human dialects. Instead, he became who is known as a "difficult" horse, and his owner wasn´t sure if she´d ever find him a good home.
People came to admire him, and some even brought large wads of cash, but Einstein wasn´t impressed by expensice clothes and shiny new horse trailers. He didn´t give a hoot about other people´s visions of glory or their hard-won show records. In fact, the flashier and more self-involved his prospective buyers seemed to be, the more likely Einstein was to give them hell during the test ride. He would shy and bold and sometimes even succeed in tossing the offending party, methods he had perfected during a short but frustrating career as a schoolhorse.
Other times, he would sidestep, rear, and fidget before anyone could get a saddle on him, espcially in the presence of men who had aspiration of jumping him.
Finally, his owner solicited the help of Tamara Solange, a trainer who was not only skilled in the classical riding style known as dressage, but was also versed in various intuitive techniques.
After spending some time gathering information on his background, silently meditating in his presence, and using a method called "muscle testing" to confirm her insights with Einstein and several other horses around him, she wrote up the following ad with the horse´s blessing: Dynamic Imported Holsteiner Gelding. Beautiful presence in arena. For educated dressage rider or professional. NOT a schoolmaster. Only skilled, sensitive horsewoman need reply.
When Allison Randall saw the notice in a national equestrian magazine, her heart raced. As a trainer with twenty years´ experience in dressage and eventing. Allison felt she had arrived at a crossroads in her career. She needed an advanced teacher, someone who knew all the upper level dressage moves and was patient yet demanding enough to hone her skills, someone who could instill a refind sense of precission, timing, and balance in her technique that she could then transfer to the younger horses she was hired to train and show. She had been searching for a horse like Einstein.
The day Allison arrived at the gelding´s stable, she endured an hour-long interview before she was even allowed to see him. The owner and the trainer who had written the ad wanted to know everything about her, including her intentions towards this horse.
Ultimately, however, it was up to Einstein. By the time she stepped into the stirrup and swung her leg over the saddle, Allison was so nervous she wasn´t sure if she was up to riding a horse of this caliber. Yet despite her vulnerable emotional state, perhaps even because of it, Einstein seemd to second guess what Allison wanted and graciously compensated for her lapses in concenctration.
The horse responded to her clumsiest aids, and though she made several mistakes that would normally have thrown Einstein into a rage, the two were able to perform the intricate movements of a highly skilled team.
When Allison finally dismounted, Einstein followed her around the arena as if he had known her all his life. After watching this spectacle, everyone in attendance had tears in their eyes, and the owner went out of her way to help Allison finance the deal.
For nearly a year, Einstein had systematically developed a reputation as a troublemaker, and some people even thought he had gone completely crazy. Still, he had a certain genius of getting his point across. Though he has since become more demanding of Allison as she continued to perfect her skills, he remains a consummate gentleman in her presence and seems to take his job very seriously. Each day, after Einstein has been ridden, groomed, and fed, he stands outside his stall, facing the arena, watching Allison train the other horses as if he´s mentally taking notes.

One of my favourite parts of this book and whenever I read it I still get tears in my eyes. I first read this book when we spend Christmas in B.C, 2005. Still love every page of it.

Not Much Horseying Around

I checked in on the horses this morning and they were doing fine. Milva, Orkan and Paulina were all the way down in the pasture and Basse and Tinka were close to the stable. We decided that the horses are just going to get haywrap once a day now. I will feed them when I get there and while they are eating I´m going to clean out the stable. If they are not occupied with eating they can be pretty disturbing. Especially Milva and Orkan love to know over the wheelbarrel while I clean out and both of them are constantly in the way. Talking about having social horses. Paulina is the only one who is not in the way - wise old mare as she is.
Milva greeted me again whith a big loud whinnie and came trotting towards me - with her big belly wiggling from direction to the other. I hope she will loose some weight now when they get less to eat again.
She is just the cutes ever when she comes running towards me talking to me all the way :).
Well, plans for next week will be: some online play, liberty play and freestyle play.
As Pat was mentioning in the last audio - it should be 25% of each savvy. Hm, guess I have to work harder on that one ;).
Farrier tomorrow aftenoon and in the evening sailingcourse with Shawn. Just hope I don´t fall into the water!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Uffington White Horse

The Uffington white horse is undoubtedly Britain’s oldest and most famous hill figure, which has recently been dated at 3000 years old by the Oxford Archeological Unit. 1000 years older than previously thought. This the oldest hill figure and inspired the creation of many of the other white horses although and particularly its closeness to Uffington castle may have inspired the creation of the first Westbury horse by Bratton camp, which also faced right. The earliest reference to it was in in the 1070's when white horse hill was mentioned, the first actual reference to the horse itself was in 1190.

The horse is unique in its features, the horse being a very long sleek disjointed figure and this leads some to believe it represents the mythical dragon that St. George slain on the adjacent Dragon hill or even his horse. However others believe it represents a Celtic horse goddess Epona, known to represent fertility, healing and death. It may have been created to be worshipped in religious ceremonies. Similar horses feature in Celtic jewelry and there is also evidence for horse worship in the Iron Age. The scouring of the horse is believed to have been a religious festival in later times, giving more creditability to the figure being of religious origin. Others believe that it commemorates Alfred’s victory over the Danes in 861 AD or that it was created in the seventh century by Hengist in the image of a horse on his standard, however the recent scientific data upon its age seem to discount these more modern theories. Several Iron age coins bearing representations of horses very similar to the Uffington horse have been found and would support the theory of the horse being from an earlier period than the seventh or eight centuries.

Also unusual is the fact that the horse faces to the right while all other horses and other animal hill figures face left, with three exceptions, the very first Westbury horse, the Osmington horse and the more modern Bulford Kiwi. The earliest record of the white horse is from Abingdon Abbey in the late 12th century, although white horse hill was mentioned a century earlier. There are many records after this period with a very good historical record from the 18th century in which the horse has changed little in appearance from then to the present day. There were occasions when the horse became overgrown, 1880 for example and was in danger of being lost like some of the other hill figures. There is no danger of this happening now, with English Heritage caring for this Ancient monument.

Quiet Day In The Pasture

I left Milva in the pasture today so she could get acquainted with Tinker. Princess Milva didn´t get the chance to say hello to her though. First Orkan wouldn´t let her near Tinker. He was chasing Tinker away as soon as she tried to approach. When Anita took him out Paulina took over and would protect Milva for "evil" Tinker. Too funny.
And yes - I did go out there at 6.00 this morning and yes, I did have a quick look out there yesterday after work ;).

Friday, May 28, 2010

May Shipping

Audio CD: "Possibilities"
Pat discusses the immense possibilities that horsemanship presents - for us as people, and for our horses.

Mastery Lesson
Lesson 1 - Balance & Counterbalance: On Line & Liberty
Lesson 2 - Ask Linda: Stiffness in Finesse and Cantering Tips

Login to the Savvy Club vault to watch this Mastery Lesson now!

Articles include "Principles, Purpose and Time" and "The Game of Contact."

Welcome Tinka!

I just texted with Malin and Tinka - Patricia´s friesian mare has arrived. According to Malin everything is going fine and more or less quiet. Milva and her haven´t interacted yet though.
I so wish I could be there right now!!
Otherwise we haven´t been doing anything besides udt aka grazing.
Anita offered me to ride Orkan. She said I need to get started with riding again and to find my balance. Good point! I haven´t been riding for almost 2 years now - since Saxon got sick. Starting a young horse under the saddle without the feel for balance might be not such a good idea after all.
It´s going to be nice to take Orkan for trailrides maybe it´s even possible to take Milva as a handhorse with me - maybe.
So early morning tomorrow - very think I go the stable around 6.30 to see if the horses have survived. I´m kind of thinking going there after work for a short visit. Ok, it might be late - around midnight but I think otherwise I´m going to have a sleepless night ;).

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I took Milva with me down to the paddock. I cleaned up the Pulvermanditch. It was full with bushes growing around. I had Milva loose with the rope attached and she grazed and came to look what I was doing a few times. I´m glad she didn´t get rb!
More undemanding time after that and that was it for today.
The new friesian mare is coming on friday morning :)). Just hope she and Milva will get along!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Books I´m Reading Right Now

Farrier Science:
169 pages (8.5" x 11") of information, pictures, and illustrations for farriers. By D.M. Canfield, Farrier Instructor, Agriservices Foundation Inc., Middle Tennessee State University
Table of Contents

1. Anatomy
2. Physiology of the Foot
3. Frequency of Shoeing
4. Preliminary Examination
5. Raising the Feet
6. Farrier Tools
7. The Natural Angle of the Hoof
8. Hoof Preparation
9. Shoe Selection
10. Farrier's Forge Tools
11. Working at the Forge
12. Shaping the Show
13. Driving the Nails
14. Ideal Conformation
15. Abnormality Created in the Ideal Horse
16. Corrective Shoeing
17. The Severity of Corrective Shoes
18. Advantages and Disadvantages of Corrective Shoes
19. Features of the Shoe
20. Making a Hand Turned Shoe
21. Pathological Shoeing
22. Classification of Lameness
23. Bursitis, Arthritis, Ankylosis
24. Laminitis Operation
25. Analysis of the Gaits
26. Anatomical Comparisons
27. Shoeing Requirements of Various Breeds
Product Reviews

This classic revision of Adams Lameness in Horses represents a detailed, comprehensive review of the development, cause, diagnosis, and treatment of lameness in horses. The book includes descriptions of the anatomy, physical features, and radiographic examination procedures, as well as nutrition, and the development of diseases.

Stormy Weather

It was/is super stormy here today. I spend 2 hours of undemanding time with Milva. She was pretty relaxed being outside her pasture with me in the storm. We walked a little round and she was allowed to piknic on the way.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Online Level 2 Audition Result

Great job Marion!! You have some very nice things going with Milva. As you continue to make progress think about getting your horse to move his feet more than you and keeping more slack in the line to give her more responsibility.
assessed by: Hillary Rose
passed: 02/04/10

March 08, Saxon & Milva


Milva and I spend alots of undemanding time together this weekend.
Today I got myself together and started to play with her again. We spend some time in the scarry paddock, doing some circling game, checking out the Pulvermanditch and some grazing.
I also took her for a short time into the ridinghouse. I had to refresh her memory about the yoyogame. When I try to yoyo her she is now always taking off to the right - doing the circling game. Talking about assumptions....
Well, I think I have fixed the yoyo game again. It took a little while though to convince her that wiggling my finger does NOT mean to take off.
Well, I´m pretty sure she knew what I ment all the time but she probably thought. Oh what the heck, let´s get it done with - those stupid

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Worthington Coaching And Mentoring

Hi Marion

Since my last newsletter I have been to visit my daughter in North Carolina, USA. This picture shows horses that live out on the dunes and beach at Corolla, Outer Banks. This is now a protected area and the horses have been proved to be descedents of the first Spanish Mustangs to land on these Eastern shores. You are allowed to drive along the beach and get to 50ft of them. One group had a foal with them - which was very cute! Lovely to see how relaxed they were with the Atlantic rolling in on one side and the dunes on the other.


Relaxation is the key to a happy ride

What is the key to enjoying your horse, your riding, your competing?

I beleive it is relaxation.

Relaxation for you and relaxation for your horse. This has to come first. To get a relaxed horse you need a relaxed rider. To get your horse to relax you have to have awareness, understand what is going on for him/her in the moment and act appropriately to help the horse reach a relaxed, calm state.

There are many reasons why your horse may not be relaxed. For example it may be the environment - you know how it is - you go to a new place and you have a different horse! It may be that your horse is unconfident - in the situation, in what you are asking, in the environment. It may be that your horse is tense, is dominant or many more things that get in the way of relaxation.

Your job is to recognise what is going on and help your horse by showing leadership and communicating your intentions to help find the relaxation you are looking for. So - be aware - ask questions - take a deep breath - relax yourself and work it out!

I get an email from Christine Worthington once in a while with intressting thoughts. Christine is also a Parelli student and just published a book about confident riding.
I really like her writing and think it´s very inspiring!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Outside Paddock Play

Milva and I had our first outside playsession today - in the scarry paddock. All that walking through and approach and retreat paid off. I didn´t plan on playing down there but because she was so cool we did - for 1hour 15min :).
There are alots of cool playthings down there. Like little houses to jump over, a gate to jump over, plastic tubes, blue tons and the coolest thing is the pulvermann ditch - filled with water, to walk, trott and canter through.
I´m really lucky to bord at a place like that!
So coming back to our playsession - we walked over 4 little jumps while I drove her from z3 and z4. We did alot of approach and retreat at the Pulvermann ditch. Some circling game and yoyo.
My main focus was on keeping her lb and giving her the feeling of being safe.
It was super fun to play down there and I think she enjoyed it too, getting all those grazing and scratching breaks ;).

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pictures from 2008

Milva & Saxon - my old horse

Quick Update

Sunday: stable chores and undemanding time. I was so tired so I didn´t spend much time at the stable. It was my fifth day at work that´s why I was so tired. I really wonder how people with a regular jobb - say 5 days work and the weekends off, combine their hobby with work? I´m so blessed to have the work I have!!!!
Monday: 30min walk around the pasture and a short playsession in the ridinghouse. Malin came to talk to me while I was doing sidewards to me at liberty. Milva glanzed at her but kept her foccus on me. What a good girl she is! So Malin saw the sidewards to me and I also showed her the backing up from z5 at liberty. Usually I´m not comfortable to show anyone what we can do. It not much showmanship yet - but it will come.
Tuesday: - today. 40min walk with the saddle and the natural hackamore on. I planned to ride but the ridinghouse was occupied. Never mind. It´s proabably a good thing anyway to walk her with the saddle on so she doesn´t think it´s always riding when she has it on.
A new girl is moving in to our pasture - with a 4 year old friesian mare! And to my big surprise I´m actually looking forward to it! According to the other ones the girl is really nice - vegeterian with a big environmental awaraness. Malin said that she also wants to start Parelli. Mainly she will do classical dressage but would like to combine it with Parelli. Cool, ey! I also think it will be fun for Milva to have a friend in her age - a girlfriend :).

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Morning

Early morning again. Took Milva for a 20min walk around the pastures in the rain. No play today.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Early Morning Play

I went to the stable again at 6.45 this morning. Being there that early it´s pretty certain no one else is in the ridinghouse.
We played for 1h today. Circling game in trott - once again I got 3 and 4 laps without breaking gate, on both hands. We also did travelling circles in trott, change of direction in trott and cloverleaf in trott.
I wanted her to move alot today cause her neck got all fat again and I´m worried she is getting pain in her hooves again - not using the l-word. Refuse to do so!
Anyway, we cut down on the hay already but I would like to cut down even more. The old horse in our pasture lost a lot of weight though and that´s why her owners still want that we give the horses 3kg in the morning and 3kg in the evening. Another option would be to feed her something extra but...oh well...not my horse, not my problem I gues...
I just know if Milva would be in that age and in that condition I would give her whatever she needed. But I´m not critisising anyone. As I said not my horse not my problems.
Anyway Milva is doing excetional well right now. Seems to be we have overcome the circling issue finally!
Now I just hope she will loose some weight!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I went to the stable at 6.45 today. The horses were quite surprised to see me that early. All three of them were far down in the pasture but when I called Milva all three of them came in full galopp - too funny. Even old Paulina came bucking towards me.
I played for 30min in the ridinghouse and worked on our circling game. Frida´s blogg about bringing up your energy inspired me and also the new savvy club dvd.
And believe it or not - I got 3 circles in trott in both direction!!! Several times! I even had a slack in the rope and her body was arched towards me. One time she bucked and squicked in front of me otherwise it was very positive :). Good girl, ey!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I did some shopping yesterday. A really nice sweater from Pikeur and another one from Joules. I just love Pikeur! It looks like a sailingsweater and is going to be perfect for the sailingcourse Shawn and I are going to attend in three weeks.

Tuesday & Wednesday

Tuesday a very short session in the ridinghouse. I teach her the beginnings of spinning online right now. I also asked her to step with all four legs on the big stone and to back up into the ridinghouse. After that - undemanding time in the roundcorall - to get her used to it.
Today it is just pouring down. The ridinghouse was busy so I didn´t want to ride. But I longreined her and did some circling games.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Ride

I rode Milva for 10min today. Her strides are getting longer and more in balance now. Also she is walking faster now. I just have to watch out how I stear her. I think I confused her a little bit today which made her angry.
It doesn´t take much to make her angry. We also had some discussions during those 10min - the joy of having an argumentative lbi ;).
When she saw herself in the mirror with me on her back she got a bit worried about it - head up and stopped breathing. So I tried to avoid the mirror - which wasn´t so easy cause suddenly the mirror was like a magnet and she really wanted to go there. Too funny. I did let her go there but didn´t stay too long.
Hopefully the ridinghouse is empty again tomorrow so I can ride her again.

April Goldmember Package

DVD: "Circling Game "
Pat and others help demonstrate the Circling Game in all Four Savvys.
Mastery Lesson
Lesson 1 - Subtlety in Riding
Lesson 2 - Ask Linda
Audio CD: "Equalization of the Four Savvys"
Pat talks about the importance of equalizing the Four Savvys as you develop a horse to and beyond Level 4.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Festival Of The Horse

Tickets and flight are booked :). Going to leave friday evening and going home monday evening after the gold summit. Susanna - my dear savvy sister from Portugal and I are going to share a room at the Hilton from friday to sunday and from sunday to monday we are going to stay at the Stoneleigh lodge - I love the food there!


30min walk around the pasture, tomorrow I´m planning on riding Milva again. It´s too many people there on the weekends so I did not want to ride her today.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


30min walk in the rain. Milva was pretty relaxed which kind of surprised me.

Friday, May 7, 2010


10min walk in the ridinghouse and lots of tears all day long.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Not much horseying around today cause I finally went to the dentist. I had pain now for 2 weeks and kind of hoped it would dissappear over night - which of course it did not.
Just cleaned out the stable quickly and grazed Milva for 10min.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another Ride

I ride! I still can´t believe it that I ride my little ponybear!
8min today. She started to relax more today and I actually steared her and worked on following the rail.
I do need a new saddle though. The Bates Innova is too narrow for her I think. Maybe it´s time to order the Parelli saddle now....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stormy Walk

I took Milva for a little walk around the pasture today. She was getting a bit rb because of the storm though so I went into the ridinghouse for 15min. Working on lowering her head and getting used that I hang on her neck - I really really want to do the neckmounting.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday & Monday

Yesterday - 20min of longreining. Intressting 20min I have to say. Milva came up with lots of own ideas how to make 20min go fast ;). She is such a clown. Gotta love her!
Yes, so I walked behind her trying to convince her to follow the rail. Suddenly she turned around and faced me. It was almost a jump around. Looking at me quite innocent with a sweet face. She was doing it so fast the first time I had no idea what happened. And oh yes, she did it a few times. I thought ok, I guess you want to go in this direction then so lets go. Softly directed her and of she went again for a little while and then jumped around again.
You really need to have alot of humor when you have a lbi. I have to admit that she really made me lough. I could see on her face that she knew she is not supposed to do that. Glad no one else watched me though...
Oh and I´m not mentioning all the times she starts to back up when I´m behind her or when being next to her she is sidepassing towards me without asking. It clearly got out of
Today I rode her for another 5min. Because she doesn´t like to be steared - I know I have to deal with that sooner or later, but I did not feel for having this discussion today so I decided to do pushing passanger lesson. And whenever she stopped, which was alot of times I softly asked her to move on again.
This afternoon I went to the stable for a second time. Shawn was working in his shop and I did not feel for being by myself at home. I took Milva for a 45min piknic walk around the pasture which she loved. We also walked through the scarry paddock again - getting better.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Friday & Saturday

Yesterday we played for 50min in the ridinghouse. Innitial plan was to ride but it started to pour down with thunder and ligthtening. I didn´t want to challenge my luck so I just played with her on the ground.
Today I will go there a short time before going to work. Just to tired to do anything else today.
We were at a friends place for Walborgsaften yesterday and had a bbq there and came first home at 2a.m.