Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Decisions Are Made

I asked Anna for help today. I have mixed feelings about it but I have to be honest to myself and commit that right now I´m not getting anywhere with Milva.
I told Anna that I want help for 2 weeks and work with Milva intensive in those 2 weeks. The result I would like to achieve is to be able to ride her in walk and trott.
But what´s important to me is to keep my principles before the goal! Which means - no sidereins for example and no lunging... I agree to a bit though. I think it´s going to make me feel saver in the beginning and as soon as I can ride Milva in walk and trott I can ride her with the natural hackamore.
I also will print out some pages for Anna about Milva´s horsenality and maybe some other information she can have a use off. I´m not going to be an easy client...
Milva did some figure 8 in trott today :) - good girl. I think it was the first time we tried it!
I also put a bit into her mouth for the first time today - she wasn´t too impressed about it.
I will do alots of friendly game with it over the next week.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


...doing some researching about barefoot...


Today was not a good day. When I looked more closly at Milva´s hooves today I didn´t like what I saw. Over the last few months I tried to grow her hooves longer and wider. Trakehner usually have small hooves but Milva´s hooves were extremly small. They were getting much better though. I wasn´t quiete satisfied with the angle of her hooves but with the size.
Well, Ulla took alot away yesterday and her backhooves look strange now too. She cutted them very pointy - looking like an arrow, and the fronthooves are very small again.
She was already a bit sore today. I just hope it´s not getting worse!
Sometimes I think life would be so much easier if I would have her shoed, in a box and turnout by herself.
She would probably not be as happy but at least safe and sound.
Her backleg seems to get better though. At least something.
I took a little walk with her - up the dirtroad and back. She was very lbe/rbe. A few times she was bucking and rearing up. Not fun at all!
I think she was irritated because she wasn´t allowed to graze and had to walk instead.
Little punk girl!
Later I had her together with the new horse in the ridinghouse. Big mistake! He backed up to her and tried to kick her. It looked nasty. I´m so not feeling comfortable having him in the same pasture as Milva.
I will try to talk to Malin tomorrow and see if she can come up with a solution.
I don´t like and trust Rebecca either. She is one of those persons who knows it all and is mean to the horses. The whole situation just does not feel good!!!
I also could observe Rebecca in the ridinghouse today how she handled her horse and I don´t like what I saw. I so regret that I was in there with her!
Going to spend all afternoon with Milva tomorrow and try to fix what went wrong today.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Milva met her new ferrier today. I have decided to go with barehoof as long as it is possible and hopefully forever. Ulla seems to be a nice person, very patience and understanding. I have to look at the hooves more tomorrow to decide if she did a good work or not. I know I´m sometimes too picky but if it comes to hooves you shouldn´t make any compromises! I have to admit that I´m fully convinced about Ulla yet. I wish she would have some better education than she does. What I undestood she learned with a swedish guy. But I have never heart of him before...
Milva was a bit antzy today and didn´t want to stand still. She hasn´t met Ulla before and I think that´s why. Also Ulla took a long time to fix the hooves and Milva was getting unpatience. We did the hooves in the riding house which was also unusual for Milva. I definitely have to make some more research about barefoot hooves.
Before the ferrier came I worked on some direct and indirect rein.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Backleg Swollen Again

Milva´s left backleg is swollen now. She has a tiny little wound and her tendon is swollen. I think it comes from the wound though... I put some antibiotic lotion on it. If she keeps getting hurt like that I have to come up with another solution.
Anita was out competing Orkan yesterday and I think Milva got into a fight with the new horse while Orkan was gone.
I wait now a few days and when her legs are not getting better I call the vet. She is not limping and doesn´t seem to have pain in it.
I took Milva just for a little walk around the stable. There was a wagon in front of the stable and she thought it was scarry first but the brave girl she is she walked up to it and sniffed it.
The pediatrist is coming tomorrow evening.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kicked Again!

Milva got kicked again. I assume it was the new horse. Well, you cannot just threw horses together like that - of course there is going to be an accident sooner or later.
I´m very tired of this situation right now...and worried that something more serious is going to happen.
Both of Milva´s back legs have wounds right now and the right backleg is swollen again - same leg as last time.
Well, something has to change cause I´m not going to let my baby get hurt again.
I also think that the stable is too small for 5 horses. I doubt that all 5 are allowed in when the weather is going to get worse!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Saddling With No Resistance

Milva and I had to work threw a little problem today. She didn´t want to stand still when I put the saddle on her. She would just walk off ignoring me.
But I think it wasn´t her being a punk I think she just didn´t give me permission to put the saddle on - like the same thing as haltering with savvy.
It could also be a lack of confidence. It´s tricky with Milva sometimes cause she is hiding her feelings and it seems to be that she is ok with things but actually she is not and the reaction is coming out later on. Which means I have to be extra observant about little things.
What I did today was working on saddling with savvy. Milva is never tied up when I brush or saddle her.
First I put the saddlepad on her back a few times. I seperated it from the saddle first cause I thought that might be the problem. After she was standing still with the pad I put the saddle on. It took a little while until she was standing still - alots of approach and retreat.
When she was finally standing still I took her out grazing with the saddle on.

September Mastery Manual

Where Go Equals Whoa
Impulsion gives you the ease of controll and the necessary energy to collect your horse. Without impulsion, collection is impossible - your horse can be bracy or loose forward momentum. In this manual you´ll discover the secrets of impulsion and strategies to balance your horse´s natural tendencies.


I just talked to Erika Fürberg on the phone and asked her if she is willed to come down to Helsingborg for a week or weekend and help me with the coltstarting aka help me to get Milva started properly under the saddle.
I´m sure it´s aint gonna be cheap but well worth the money!
Erika is insured right now but said I should call her again in the middle of october and we figure something out together. She also said that in the meantime I should work on direct and indirect rein - which I do anyway and she ment that I´m on the right way than :)
I´m very excited about her coming down! I also told her that I thought about sending Milva to James Robert to the UK but that I have a hard time to sending her away that far but on the other hand it´s important to me that she stays pure Parelli.
It´s not so much that she thought of that Milva would be in the UK for a while it´s more the trip to the UK. The thought about what could happen on the way there freaks me out. So no trip for Milva - not yet anyway. Maybe in the future if we take a course at Stoneleigh Park...but I rather go with Sophie to Colorado or Florida and take the university there. Stoneleigh Park might be great but Colorado and Florida are the real deal in my eyes...
Off to play with my pony now and riding Paulina :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ridinghouse With Orkan And Anita

Anita and Rebecca had Orkan and Basse in the ridinghouse together. It was going pretty well. They sniffed each other a couple of times and Orkan moved Basse around.
We can be really greatful to have Orkan as a leader in our herd. He is doing a very great jobb!
After Rebecca took out Basse I went in the ridinghouse with Anita. I showed Anita the figure 8s and the Yoyogame and the Porcupine game and the Sidewardsgame. Anita played a bit with Orkan as well.
It was fun to have someone to play with!
Anita taked to Rebecca about hitting the horses with the leadline in the head. I think Rebecca took it well and I´m glad Anita talked to her. I probably wouldn´t have been that nice to her!!
I just hope it helps!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Holistic Care For Horses

Shawn bought me this book in Canada. *i like*


I´m just browsing and for more horsebooks. My horsebook library is pretty good I have to say myself but you can never have enough horsebooks.
Now with the colder weather coming I´m looking forward to lay in the couch with a cup of chailatte and a good book.
Parelli has a readinglist for their university and most of the books I have already but there are still some I would like to order. I also want to study the Mastery Manuals more.
I´m so looking forward to start working evenings next week and finally have more time again for my Horsemanship studies!
Milva and I did undemanding time again today - what a surprise. But I decided not to get stressed out about me not doing much with her right now. I will start playing with her again next week - after I get back into my routins.
The new horse hasn´t settled in yet. Rebecca his owner hit Milva with the leadline in the head to make her move! I hate her for that! When I told Shawn he asked me if I have straightened her out about it and of course I haven´t said anything to her. I did tell her though how she should move Milva and showed her but obviously it didn´t help. If I see her tomorrow I will talk to her about it though.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shawn Is Back Home

Shawn came back home from Canada today so now I can start planing our ridingsessions again. I need Shawn for supporting Milva while I sit on her.
I just spend a short time in the stable today cause Shawn hasn´t slept for 26 hours and wanted to go home. Fixed the stable quickly while Shawn went grazing with Milva. He was trotting down with her to the big field and Milva just loved running with him. It was fun to watch them both!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Undemanding Time - again ;)

09-09-20 Basse´s arrival pictures. Pictures are taken by Anita (Milva´s mother in law)

Milva and I took it easy again today. She looked very tired when I came to the stable. They all did. It must have been a hard night for them, not be able to sleep inside and alot of action in the stable with Basse the new horse.

I took her grazing for an hour and brushed her. She didn´t seem to intressting in me though and just wanted to go outside again and look what the other ones were doing.

Anita made some very nice pictures again!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Horse Arrived

I was in the stable all day today. From 8.30 - 16.30. First I helped Malin to take out all the horses and afterwards we cleaned the stables together.
A perfect day in my world.
The new horse arrived before noon. He is a beautiful gelding, darkbrown, 6 years old. I´m now sure about his name but I think it was Basse.
Everything went fine in the beginning and just before I wanted to drive home Orkan attacked him. Orkan is the leader of our herd. I think the new one doesn´t understand horselanguage very well or he was just cocky trying to take over. Anyway the new one jumped over the door in the stable and turned the whole thing down. He ripped his backleg open and a few scratches on the front leg as well.
I´m just glad nothing more happened and even more glad that nothing happened to Milva!
I hope the new one learned his lesson!
I didn´t do anything with Milva today. I thought it´s better if she stays with the herd until they have settled down again.
Can´t wait to go there tomorrow after work! Just hope my little baby is going to be ok over night!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sunny Indian Summer Afternoon

There is nothing better in the world than spending my days with Milva.
I had the saddle on her today. She is always standing loose when I groom or saddle her because there is nothing to tie her up in front of our turnoutstable and I don´t need to tie her up anyway. She is usually standing nicely still for me.
Altough when I put the saddle on she is stepping one step sidewards. It´s not much but still abit of a brace. I have to do more approach and retreat when putting on the saddle.
We went to the ridinghouse for half an hour. Anna was in there with Dijon. Milva got a bit worried when Anna was yelling at Dijon so I didn´t want to stay in there for too long.
We worked on our figure 8s - they are going very nicely in walk. I can stand on the end of the 22 foot line now and just direct her. I also got one lap in trott without breaking the gate. It is hard for her to trott out in a circle - or maybe she is just a lbi and doesn´t see any sense in it ;).
After our little session we went grazing again.
There is coming a new horse tomorrow so I´m going to help Malin in the stable in the morning and stay there all day afterwards. Going to be a long day...

Dr. Stephanie Burns

I just went threw my level 2 box and discoverd Dr. Stephanie Burns book " Move Closer Stay Longer" again. I can highly recommend this book and also to visit Stephanie´s homepage. She worked closly together with Pat and Linda Parelli and I think she still does altough you can´t see her so much in the program right now.
Linda studied intensively with Stephanie Burns in the early 80´s, experiencing major breakthrough in applying Stephanie´s accelerated learning techniques to all aspects of her personal life.
Stephanie Burns is something of an icon. She has devoted her life to achieving a greater understanding of the learning process and what constituts influential communication.
Originally trained as a computer engineer in the US Army, she started her career as an educator designing and teaching programs on the practical use of computers.
Her work has provided an insight why so many otherwise succesful adults fail to sustain action when it comes to important goals - goals related to health and fitness, education, relationship etc.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Late Evening

I was 4,5 hours in the stable - after work. Time is just flying when you have fun!
Milva was a cutie again. We went for a short little while to the roundcorall. I tried to do some libertywork but it didn´t work so well. She is still getting unsecure out there so I brought her back in again.
Grazed a bit afterwards. Cleaned the stable and the pasture for 2 hours!
Going to spend all weekend in the stable though!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wonderful Autumn Evening

Another beautiful indian summer evening. Milva was a real sweetheart too today. We did a short session in the ridinghouse. Figure 8s - she changed direction by just using my finger. Clever girl. I just did two repetitions and left it. Reward the slightest try!
When I did the yoyo game backing her in threw the ridinghouse door it was the same. I just wickled my finger a tiny little bit and she almost ran back. So funny!
After that we went grazing again.
Malin and I had a talk about her property again. We are both serious about it and she said she really wants us to have it because she likes my company so much and Shawn´s as well and that she really wants us to stay there and she couldn´t think about anyone more perfect. It´s probably going to take another year to get everythink settled but that´s fine!
Her little talk was so sweet and I got very flattered and moved by it! Awwwwwww
It´s going to be so incredible nice to live close to Milva!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Be Soft When He Is Soft

That was the headline in one of Parelli´s latest e-newsletter. So true so true...
We went grazing againg today and just hung out together. Lots of love, scratches and kisses...
Had a little discussion with Malin about Tina. Malin is going to talk to her about hitting and screaming our horses. Not that I trust Malin too much on that topic. I mean she is the one hitting her youngsters in the head so they know she is the leader... What more do I have to say.
There is maybe coming a new horse in to our herd in october. 5 horses in that stable is pretty crowded I think. I´m also not to comfortable with the risk of injury. I so long for a own stable!!
Whatsoever it would be nice if Tina would move out! I just can´t stand her violance against the horses. Insecure or not it still doesn´t give you the right to hit a horse!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day Off!

It was so incredible nice to have a day off. I´m still unbelievable tired though and have to motivate myself hard to get stuff done.
Before going to the stable I went to Rycketofta to get vitamins and herbs for Milva.
I started to play in the ridinghouse with her today. Just a short session for about 15min. Friendly game, Porcupinegame, Circling game and yoyo.
After that we were strolling around for an hour.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Indian Summer

I can´t say it often enough. I love autumn! Spend a lovely quiet evening with Milva.
We went out grazing for 1,5hours and just strolled around.
In the last Parelli email Pat was saying - Be soft if he is soft. Had to think about that today. When I relax and don´t stress around Milva and take my time she is a real soft sweetheart. She so can feel my moods it´s unbelievable.
Off to bed again. Sooo freaking tired after work. Off tomorrow, spending all day in the stable!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Quiet Sunday

Milva´s wound is almost healed now and she is not swollen anymore :)!
I think I found the place where she cut herself. I think it actually was a cut and not a kick from another horse. We have this steelthing in our pasture to keep the hay inside and one piece is standing out. It´s in the same height as Milva´s wound so I´m pretty sure that´s where she got it from. I didn´t see Malin so I couldn´t tell her but I called Anita and she driving out there tomorrow morning and trying to fix it.
We went to the oatacre again and grazed there for an hour. I´m thinking about starting playing with her again on tuesday when I´m off and continue groundwork until Shawn is coming home next week. When he is at home he can help me again.
So looking forward to riding her!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I was very upset when I was in the stable today. It didn´t had anything with the stable or with Milva to do. Milva was sweet as always and I really love the stable I´m boarding in!
It just one of the boarders I have a hard time to get along with. Now I know that you can´t like everybody and I really try to get along with her. It´s just that she is so incredible unintelligent or naiv. Now I don´t know if I should write that here cause I don´t know if she is reading here but I don´t think she does and anyway those are my thoughts and I might tell her in person anyway - AGAIN. I already told her a couple of times but she just doesn´t get it!
Today she was again screaming at the horses. I gave Milva a massage so at least she didn´t scream at Milva. I´m still very worried though what´s happening when I´m not there!
The thing that happened was that she was giving her pony hay and putting it infront of the stable - where the horses can go in and out and close to the bathtube where the water is.
Her pony is the lowest in the rank so he just has to move when the other horses are coming - that´s natural behaviour. Paulina was trying to go and drink and this person screamed at her!
WHY??? It´s the horses home not ours. Of course Orkan was going there as well to check it out what´s happening and of course he moved the pony and more screaming going on.
I asked her if it wouldn´t be better to move the hay farther down so he could it undisturbed but she thought that was not necesseray. OK!
I will talk to the other owners about not feeding the horses in the pasture as well. It just makes them more agressiv to feed one with a foodbucket and the other ones don´t get anything. We never did that before and I don´t quiete understand why now? Isn´t it better to take the horse out and feed it outside the stable to avoid kicking and fighting?
*sigh* I´m still very upset I can feel...
Anyway, Milva and I had a good day. We spend undemanding time again and I gave her alots of scratches.
Love my little horse!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Shopping And Cleaning Out The Stall

Spend all afternoon and evening in the stable. Soooo nice! Wish I could do that everyday! Work really interferes with my stablelife *don´t like*
Anita, Sandra and I went to Rycketofta were they had a saleout. I spend 1100sek, bought a purple Pikeur fleece west, a grey Mountain Horse fleece, 2 Joules toptanks and a Pikeur dune west. I love Pikeur!
After shopping i cleaned out the stable and Anita helped me to put in shavings. So now the horses have it very cosy and CLEAN! Milva rolled directly in it :).
Her wound looks better again today.
We went to the oatfield again and grazed and hung out there. I have to start doing some serious play with her again - soon. I think we both like undemanding time too
Off to bed again. Working in the weekend - bummer!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Milva´s wound is much deeper than I thought in the beginning. I was allowed to wash it out today and put some more antibioticlotion on it. The swelling went pretty much down. Now it´s just were the wound is but not all the way down anymore. She doesn´t seem to be sore either and is puttion all her weight on it - but she did that all the time.
The deepness worries me a bit though.
I look how it looks like tomorrow and will decide then if I call the vet or not.
We went down to the oatfield again and strolled around there.
Have to come up with some better rutins so I´m not so tired after work. Have the feeling I´m not doing enough for Milva right now. Also don´t have time to study Parelli right now - or not as much as I want to...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Autumn Walks

Yesterday and today Milva and I went for a walk in the oatfield. Just hanging out, grazing - Milva not me, enjoying the autumnsun and taking it easy.
Her leg was much better today. Daniela - a girl from work gave me some antibiotic cream from Rumania. I put a little bit on Milva´s wound and it helped. I kind of wonder if their antibiotics are stronger than our ones... I meand they do have different bacterias down there...hmmmm....
Anyway her leg is almost healed now so that´s good. I put a little bit on it today as well.
Our walks were very leftbrain, relaxed. I´m going to be off on friday and decided to spend the afternoon in the stable together with Anita. I just have to leave Shawn at the airport in the morning cause he is going to Canada for 10 days. When he is coming home we will continue to ride her and until then I will work on lateral flexion and Porcupine game.
Off to bed now again - work is killing me!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday Monday

Not my favourite day anymore since I started dayshift!
Milva´s leg is still swollen but it´s going down the leg now so that is a good thing. I didn´t went to the ridinghouse with her today. I don´t want to put too much stress on her leg. Instead we took a trip around the pasture over the harvested oatfield and to the big grass field. Milva really loves that round cause she knows she is allowed to eat.
I was in the stable from 16.00 - 20.00. Don´t really know what I did though except hanging out with Milva.
Soooo tired now, off to bed...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lateral Flexion On The Ground

Milva´s leg is still swollen. It actually looks worse today but it was the same thing the last time. The only thing I can do is wait. I tried to put some Blue Lotion a cooling lotion underneath the wound but Milva didn´t like it and Auntie Anita was already gone.
I went with Milva in the ridinghouse for half an hour to work on one rein stop and lateral flexion from the ground. I had the saddle on her and the natural hackamore to get her used to two reins. I also thought it might be a good idea to have the saddle on her without trying to sit on her.
Lateral flexion is not so much of a problem when she is standing still. I almost don´t have to use phase 1 for her to bend. I´m just using my little finger, barely touching her halter and voila she is bending.
It´s important that she knows what a one rein stop is about when I sit on her. So what I´m checking now is her relaxation when doing it and her response. I also develop her understanding and confidence when put in a vulnerable position where she cannot run off.
Flexion is also one of Pat Parelli´s 10 Qualities of a Horseman.
Flexion is necessary for the overall health of the horse when carrying a rider.
Flexion is essential for any explorations into collection.
Flexion is an important understanding in the pursuit of mastery.
The most important aspect of flexion is to understand it as a part of the entire formula that leads to collection.
I´m going to work on that now for the next 7 days and also put some direct rein work from the ground into our session so she going to start to understand the meaning of it.
Proper and Prior Preperation Prevents Poor Pat Parelli is saying so nicely.
Oh I forgot to write about another thing. Mikke - a guy who I commute with to Denmark, and his wife were coming to the stable today to visit me. I think the reason they came was to check out the stable. I sure hope they move to our stable. Very nice people. Mikke has a big swedish warmblood whom he wants some help with. He asked me a couple of times if I wouldn´t like to come and ride him. I don´t know if I want to though. I´m not intressted in the traditional riding anymore and I definitely don´t want to put any horse into submission or use violence to ride it or artificial aids.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Complaint Free World

I just finished reading Will Bowen´s book " A Complaint Free World" again. I read it before but it´s definitely a book you should read more than once.
It´s on the recommended booklist for the Parelli University and I love it!
Well, I should say I love all the books on the list. Sure they don´t have much to do with horses but they really help you in life.
Will Bowen and his family are doing Parelli as well and are friends with the Parelli family.
Milva´s backleg was still swollen today. She seemed to be fine otherwise though. It was rainy here today and I still felt tired so I decided not to do anything with her.
I was watching some videos from the Parelli vault in the afternoon and baked muffins. Nice saturday afternoon after all.
Hope Milva is better tomorrow so I can sit on her again.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Swollen backleg

Milva´s left backleg is swollen again after a little bruise. It´s the same as the last time. She also got a little wound at her right backhoof. I think it happened when she and Orkan were running around like maniacs in the pasture. It´s very stormy here today and I think that´s why there were running so much around. Anita helped me to clean her wound. Good thing we have auntie Anita cause I couldn´t have done it myself. Milva can get very rb when it comes to washing out a wound.
I called Erika Fürberg today. She is a 2star Parelli Professional - the only one in Sweden and a younghorse starter. I hope she is calling me back soon. I wanna ask her how much private lessons are and if she could come down a weekend to help me with Milva. No idea if she will do it or how much she would charge but it cannot hurt to ask.
Anna from the stable told me that Kullatorp - were they breed arabians, have a Parelli younghorse trainer there. I have no idea who that would be. I gave them a call as well. That would be much closer but I doubt it´s a real Parelli Professional. But it cannot hurt to ask! And if it´s not a certified Parelli trainer I will tell them to change that on their homepage!
Thank goodness I have this weekend off! Going to play with my pony if she feels better maybe I can even sit on her again. My blue eye starts to heal up now :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Anita had Orkan in the roundcorall today so I took the oppurtunity to put Milva in there with him. She is really easily getting rightbrain when she is out of her familiar environment.
She was pretty good in the roundcorall today though, not rb at all. First she was looking around, exploring the corall by her own. After a while we put both of them in a trott. It was more like lunging though - pressure on them all the time. But I just wanted her to move around in there in trott and I don´t think circling game would have worked with both Orkan and Milva in there. Anyway I was satisfied with the result and Orkan was a big help for her first little session in the corall. It was funny when I engaged her hindquarters at liberty - in trott, she came in to me directly. What a good girl. I grazed her a bit after our little playsession.
Just feeling so tired again after work. I guess it will take some time to find the right routines. But I really don´t want the work to interfere with my work with Milva. Milvawork and my Parelli journey comes first. So if dayshift doesn´t work I just have to change again to eveningshifts.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Quiet Day

Milva was a cutie today. When I got to the stable I helped Malin to take in some of the horses. Milva saw me walking on the other side and called for me - really surprised. It sounded so cute!! It was really like she was asking - what the hell are you doing over there????
After fixing the stable we went for a little while in the roundcorall - just checking it out. After that some grazing again. Just taking it easy today. I still have a headache after my fall and I´m very stiff.
Malin´s father in law was burning some plants in the pasture next to ours. Milva was too funny. All the other horses were runing away and of course she had to stay and check out what he was doing.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Good Day

I went to the stable directly after work. I guess that´s what I´m always going to do now. It´s no use to drive home to Landskrona and back to Mörarp again.
Milva was the sweet leftbrain introvert that´s she used to be again. I gave her alots of scratches before putting the saddle on. First we walked a little bit around becaue the ridinghouse was still occupied. After going in to ridinghouse we did a bit of mirror mirror to make relax her. I could feel that she was a bit tensed in the beginning. We also did some fugure 8s, yoyo until the end of the 22foot line, circling game and change of direction - all good. She also offered sideways a few times to get carrots.
Shawn came with Kalle and helped me. I was just sitting on her for a few minutes, no walking though. She started to relax after a while and after she did I jumped off. Went grazing with her afterwards - showed Kalle two frontlegs on stonepedastal :).
Cleaned my saddle again. It´s getting so damn dusty in the ridinghouse.
Well, I´m satisfied with what we have accomplished today.